What IS Virtual Wedding Planning?

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

All Bliss Events continues to be excited about the future of 2020 and the world of Virtual Wedding Planning! With our everyday looking different, there are some things that will proceed and that is Love and deciding to Get Married. Although the future is unclear referencing the gathering of large crowds, I can imagine the challenge of newly engaged couples feeling stagnant regarding their wedding plans. For those engaged couples still seeking to plan their vision during this time of staying indoors, Virtual Wedding Planning may help if you are still seeking or determining if you want a Wedding Planner!

Every client's expectations of a wedding planner vary according to their flow of life, career and family and we understand that no client is identical to another. With over 8 years experience and a changing pool of clients and their expectations, All Bliss Events wanted to continue to offer services that grow with the changing landscape for newly engaged couples and exceed our clients expectations of their wedding planner.


All Bliss Events Virtual Wedding Planning packages take the challenge out of DIY Planning and add to the ease and convenience of an affordable 1-on-1 consultation or full service coordination from our planning pros with online booking and purchase. Each package provides step-by-step directions to assist in you getting answers and guidance in the specific way you are seeking with documents to help get and keep you organized. This provides the opportunity for clients to get to the center of their planning needs with our customized to-do list and task tracker with ongoing reminders, and words of support and encouragement.

Truthfully, with the never ending options of research available through Pinterest, Instagram and the worldwide web alike, couples are now seeking guidance on their wedding planning and not in the traditional step-by-step planning one might be familiar with. When a couple knows what they want but can benefit from some professional direction, a customized budget, vendor and venue referrals, or general advice, virtual wedding planning is the smart solution for avoiding costly mistakes both in terms of money, time, and headaches.

Planning for a wedding is all in the details and is not for the faint of heart. Choosing to work with All Bliss Events as your wedding planner is making the choice to trust us in providing you with great resources, honest feedback, and positive support that guides you and your partner to your big day!


Virtual wedding planning allows couples to be specific with their needs while adding the convenience of creating the wedding planning experience for you! In our experience, couples who are able to get professional guidance with specific planning challenges can usually save time and money. All Bliss Events understands the need for couples to be able to access professional expertise and stay within budget during such an important time, and we have curated our services to cater to that need. We have specialized in maximizing wedding budgets for over 8+ years and look forward to continuing to assist couples in creating their Special Day in this new World!

Happy Planning!

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