5 Reasons to Hire a (Virtual) Wedding Planner

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

For any couple planning to get married this year, this epidemic has surely thrown your planning expectations out the window. During this confusing time, couples need to know at any stage in their planning process it is never too late to consult or hire a wedding planner/coordinator. In most recent weeks, All Bliss Events have empathized and worked with couples on navigating through uncharted waters of rescheduling or postponing their wedding day. It then occurred of the increased possibility that there are couples that may not have the guidance or assistance of a wedding planner during this unique time. Couples may have felt before that it was not a budget expense worth considering and may feel even stronger in the current climate. Before you kiss the idea of a wedding planner goodbye, check out these five reasons to Say Yes to a Planner:

  1. Saving time and money - A planner can assist in streamlining and organizing your timeline leading up to your day- of, regardless of your planning stage. To begin, wedding planners create an elaborate budget inclusive of the style and design specifics outlined along with the planner services fee. This is important because it allows you to understand how your planner intends to work for you. Your planner will be able to assist in analyzing your budget to include details that save you money and create your vision and experience. Time is immeasurable in this time of quarantining but a planner can assist in organizing pushing tasks forward in a time that may feel stagnant.

  2. Vendor Connections - Having a wedding planner that understands your style and design preferences, budget considerations and any additional specifics can assist in pairing you with the right vendor, as well as negotiating better pricing. Then your big day arrives! Your wedding planner would have coordinated deliveries and setups all while maintaining ongoing communications with your team of vendors. Although you will have your connection to vendors, your planner should act as your QB. Every couple is different, so note if you decide to look into planners consider their style of vendor management and relationships.

3. Professional Advice - If you are super organized and efficient or more relaxed with your planning, there is usually a question or issue that arises that may cause some increased stress. It can involve divorced parents, ceremony order customization, or any detail that may arise, those moments are why having a planner is beneficial. Although you may have all of the ability to plan and organize your wedding, the guidance from a wedding planner does not only need to come in the format of full service. All Bliss Events offers a 1-on-1 virtual consult that may benefit those couples seeking specific guidance or assistance in their planning (Reference this Blog Post fora special discount.) This option provides couples customization to their planning that is budget-friendly.

4. Help Maintain Stress - As a wedding planner, we understand that the hats we wear change throughout the planning process with any client. Although planners are usually coordinating your event details, we understand that life also happens. (Outside of our current pandemic) Unexpected changes occur or family miscommunications cause a stir, and any couple can become stressed about how circumstances may affect their plans or expectations. Your wedding planner will be your sounding board and assist in organizing any changes that may occur.

5. They are always fighting for YOU! - Having a wedding planner with your best interests in mind will assist you in any potential challenges. In reference to maintaining your budget, filtering vendor or venue adjustments and challenges, scheduling conflicts, etc. These are examples of a few details that continue to require attention throughout your planning process, and that your planner is prepared to handle for you.

Choosing any vendor for your wedding is a process that requires research and patience to determine which vendor is right for you. Hiring a wedding planner is a step that only you and your partner can make together during this time of planning. We are in a unique time where planning a wedding has presented different challenges for the near future, and considering a planner can make all the difference on your special day.

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